Unmatched Support!

We believe that Customer Support is all about 'attitude' of the company towards its customers. At Shack Server Management we help our customers succeed. We realize that our products are an integral part of your business. This is the reason why we provide support to all our customers 24 hours a day, 365 days an year.

Whether it is a basic question or complex product issue, our support services and expert technical analysts are available to effectively address your every need. To provide the best possible support services to our diverse customer base, Shack Server Management addresses each customer problem according to its impact on the customer's business operations.



Support Tickets

This is the prefered method of support! This allows us to priority issues on a case by case basis. It also allows us to track the performance of our staff to our customer's support inquiries. This is why we have a 100% customer satisfaction rating!


Phone Support

If your service plan includes phone support. We ask that your first create a support ticket before your call to us. This helps improve response time with our staff, minimizing the time manually creating the ticket, when they could be working on your inquiry!


Email Support

This method is not prefered but is still an option. Response time to your inquiry may not be as quick as our support ticket system. So if your inquiry requires immediate assistance, please use our support ticket system instead.

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